Data security and privacy statement

CB Time Reports for Jira Cloud is Atlassian Connect Add-On (Add-On) Software as a Service (SaaS).

Data security

The Add-On is static, i.e. all data (specifically Time Tracking data) is requested from Jira Cloud and processed by add-on client side in End User Browser and is not passed anywhere else.

Here is the list of Jira REST API used client side:

Add-on persists add-on configuration (group names, link or field names selected in add-on configuration) in Jira Cloud itself using Hosted Data Storage service.

Add-On declares READ scope to access data as just described.

Add-On also declares WRITE and DELETE scopes to manage (create/update/delete) worklog records from add-on report or dashboard item in Jira Cloud.

Privacy policy

Plugin just displays hours from Jira issues work log and also issue fields, though level of support is different. It does not add any custom field or modifies Worklog entity or any other Jira asset.

Plugin does not collect any usage or any other kind of information and does not connect to or transfer anything to or from any internet resources.